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About Salomé Osorio

Born in Paris in 1986, I grew up in the countryside. I have always liked making objects from my hands, and my mother, a designer herself, has always given me access to her studio, where I still discover today, new and forgotten techniques.

After the high school, I join the courses of Ateliers de Paris, where I learn different techniques such as enamel, glass spun, jewelry, or mosaic. At the same time, I attend classes at the Ecole du Louvre as a free auditor. To then devote myself to the field of jewelry. I enrol afterwards in the courses of the Institute of Gemmology of Paris, which will completely fascinate me, dazzled by such a variety of stones, colors and materials.

The idea to open my own company has always been important, but to give me time for reflection I leave a few months in Southeast Asia, looking for a change of scenery. I celebrate my 20 years in Cambodia, next to the temples of Angkor, I invest in precious stones in Bangkok, I discover the wonderful landscapes of Laos, and I redo my wardrobe in Vietnam. Back in Paris for Christmas, filled with Asian energy, I create my first enamel collections.

A year later, in October 2007, I opened my company and my space rue du Bac. In February 2008 I attend the Bijorhca show in Paris, which will allow me to sell my jewels in Japan and USA, and make my first international press.

While continuing my creations, I decided in September 2008 to join the benches of the IESA (Institute of Higher Studies of Arts) where I specialize in the Art Market section, Furniture and Decorative Art. My diploma in hand and strong of my first successes rue du Bac, I open my web site in September 2012.

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