Gilding is a technique that my mother taught me when she created her collection for Siècle. I quickly liked to used this technique, at first only in addition to the enamel. This allowed me to add some finishing touches.

When I was in Berlin, I discovered the Egyptians Jewellery Collections of the Pergamon Museum. And obviously fell in love with everyone of them. But went back to Paris without any ! I decided to re-imagine some.

I cut strips of copper of different lengths and thickness that i fold, entangled, giving them a 3D shape , or turning them into origami. Then I cover the copper with extra thin sheet of silver, gold plated, or, soon gold 24ct.

To secure the gold/silver leaves on the copper, i use a specific product, and then oil varnish to stop the oxidation of the silver and gold plated leaves. Without anything else for the gold.