Crochet is a weaving technique that is normally done with cotton or linen or any other natural fibbers. I learned about it on Portugal beaches, when my mother tried to teach me patience. I admit that I have never ended the top i had imagined, probably taken by other concerns. But the technique has remained.

I called this new collection Interlace, as the movement of the wire. The mesh is made of non-tarnishing silver and gold plated. While I make the mesh with a specific hook, I incorporate small river pearls, black for the night collection, and white for the sunrise.

Laces are made of a thin double mesh. The clasp is a large cultured pearl that slides in a loop stitch. The cuff are accumulation of simple laces, gathered around a large bead or stone. The rings are laces, hooked on themselves. They are all size, as the mesh easily adjust your finger.

Do not hesitate to mix them together to create short necklace, put them in your hair or use it as a chain for an heavy pendant.

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