Unpolished stones are far more mysterious. Firstly because they were almost found this way in nature and man has not added anything to its original beauty. Moreover as they are not polished and therefore not recognizable under the microscope, nothing can be discerned inside them ; they keep all their secrets to themselves. We can only know their origin by their external form. In fact all family stones grow in different way. Some in height, other spread on their entire surface at he same time. Whatever happens it is never a vulgar rock but an alive mineral.

Since the earliest of my creations, I have always wanted to incorporate those raw gemstones into my collections. But quickly I found it difficult to set them. I am no a stone cutter I did not want to try and pierce them for fear of breaking them. and anyway I did not want to break their secret in forcing my was thought their heart.

That I when I got the idea to put it in cages. With wire, I wove a web that follows as closely as possible the shape of the stone. I did not want to imprison it, so I had to choose a wire thick enough to support the stone, and thin enough for the eye to focus on the stone and not on its packaging.