I use gold plated or silver plated wire for all setting of stones, which I believe stronger than silver. The wire has a surface treatment that prevents tarnish, even if the silver takes a light patina over time.

The hook collection stitches and cuffs, is realized with gold-plated and silver plated -in low grammage- with a surface treatment to withstand to the tip of the hook, and also to time, because silver does not tarnish, or turn yellow.

Other design are made of gunmetal, which is a type of bronze, an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc, originally used mainly for making guns.

I usually set the stones with individual  wire that separate stones from each other. Besides from the fact that it brings solidity to the jewel, it also protects the stones that can no longer rub against each other. Rings are setted a bit differently, it is more like and embroidery only made of stones and pearls, and the same wire.

All that is in direct contact with you skin is carefully selected so you do not get irritate or create allergies. All the earrings hooks and clasps in silver plated, gold plated or gunmetal is nickel free.

However, I mostly use sterling silver and vermeil (sterling silver gilt) that is obviously completely safe to your skin.